Insurance as a Service


Finally, something truly unique in the age-old realm of insurance strategy. Savvy is the only insurance solution in real estate that does not sell insurance: it simply hosts everyone that does in any local market.

Savvy gives your client an unparalleled, hassle free, true-time-and-money-saving experience on the considerable expense of owning a home. In addition, due to being a tech company, clients are always given the freedom and flexibility of choosing from the best insurance options, while offering a fully compliant, immediate-and-residual, revenue share to your business.

The best part may very well be that you and your clients may never have to listen to another insurance sales pitch again. Savvy’s free software delivers the entire insurance market’s pricing results immediately, with just a few clicks of a mouse.

Lastly, Savvy is not open to the public. Only your clients will utilize this service, which will be white-labeled to your brand, creating a tremendous, value-added offering from your company, while creating an additional revenue share opportunity for you.