Who has the time to do a startup?

The answer is: we do! We know the difficult, time-consuming job that brokerage owners have, day in and day out.

We know that being a brokerage owner can be a difficult, time-consuming job. After all, we are active owners too, managing over 500 agents ourselves. We have created systems and tools, while surrounding ourselves with some of the best people in the business to effectively implement, execute, and continuously manage and run the JV Partnerships.

We do it all, from site selection, recruiting, payroll, HR, vendor relations, accounting, and much more. While we do all the “heavy lifting,” we always encourage and welcome our local partners to be active in the decision making of hiring local staff, acclimating us to the brokerage culture, and introducing us to the family(agents).

Why Survive when you can Thrive?

Who has time to do a start up?

Ok, so what's in it for me and my agents?